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2 min readJun 29, 2022

As an LGBTQ+ person it is very likely that you share a similar story with others who identify as LGBTQ+ . A journey that most likely began in your youth with questions like, “Who am I?”; “Where do I belong?”; “Who belongs to me and who do I belong to?”.

At this point in time, we long for belonging but often find ourselves lost, confused, misunderstood. We might feel like there is no place for us in this world. Feeling disconnected from the world can lead to feeling disconnected from yourself. The questions become even louder inside our heads, and we are desperate for someone to see us, hear us! To understand, to accept and respect us as we are!

Open Rainbow Umbrella photographed from underneath
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The LGBTQ+ Community is called a ‘community’ for a reason. We all share similar stories. We are a community to support one another, to exchange experiences and information and to be there for one another. When you allow yourself to be part of this community, you open yourself up to the incredible experience of feeling a strong sense of belonging. But what is this feeling of belonging and why is it so important?

When we feel like we belong we can build connection, experience friendship, build our support network, increase our resilience and so much more. Most importantly, belonging enables us to be proud of who we are and to live an authentic life! When we live authentically, we are vulnerable and brave at the same time. Living your true self paves the way to well-being and positive emotion.

So, I ask you to be brave, to allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of belonging, find your tribe and wave your Pride Flag high! The community will always be there for you!

Lukas Dressler
Lukas Dressler

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Lukas Dressler Psychology

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